Friday, November 04, 2005


Hi all,
Long time no see or Blog.
Well Christmar is near and so drawns another of our programs close to completion.
The kids are just finalising their project, a 'Take Five' Pamphlet/Brochure.
They all work very hard on this assignment and seem very pleased with the end result.
I will post the completed work of art when they have completed it.
Hope everyone is fit and charging along.

Friday, July 01, 2005

ullr lodge

Favourite lodge in Perisher.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The kids will love this site. They are able to create their own Music themes and then incorporate video.

My Second day @ the LTL World Wide Graffiti workshop.

What an informative day.
I just keep learning sooooooooo many things, soooooooooo many different things that my computer is capable of. My brain is in overload at the moment. I cant wait 2 go and play with all these sites and applications.

World wide Graffiti BLOG Site

QuickTime digital storytelling software

bird of paradise

Kylie will sent me info on how to transfer pictures to my blog...(remind her.)


www.aris.com.au/cybercwww.deadlymob.orgWhere's the PartyFree ToolsGimp: Like photoshopOpen Office : Just like Microsfot Office - yep, it will talk to your Office files and other people's office filesFlickr: free photo hosting and sharingSkype: free voice online (make phone calls - cheap!)Great Websites for LearningGoogle Images: go to Google and click images: find lots of pictures (watch the copyright!)TAFE studylinks : TAFE site with links to good learning sites for any topicABC: great site with lots of games and learning materialsVibewire: a great site for young folks who are interested in self-expressionBBCwikipedia.orgreachout.orgv8supercars.com.aunrl.com.ausk8 sitemuscle carsaustralian punk musicQuick search tips:http://www.google.com/

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Learnt heaps 2day, really loved it. Great day.
The question is.... Will i rememberit all..........hope so. Practice makes perfect, so i will use the blog and download acid.
Hope youve had a great day. Enjoy 2mrw.

Changing settings

Just learnt how 2 change settings.

New stuff

Just llearnt how to post a new post.............Hmmm, all very interesting!

getting started

WOW how exciting is this...?????
Looks like we r on our way. Yippee